European Anti-fascist Meeting in Athens on April 11-12&13 - Athens School of Fine Arts (256 Pireos St.)


Seventy years after World War II and the defeat of fascism, Europe is facing the challenge of a Nazi, racist far-right on the rise.

Racists and Nazis however definitely have an opponent who keeps growing stronger: the massive and pluralistic movement fighting in the streets all over Europe, not only against fascist terrorism but also against those who sustain it and protect it: anti-grassroots policies, arbitrary police behaviour, neoliberal totalitarianism itself and the system trying to impose it.

On April 11th, 12th and 13th 2014, resistance meets in Athens in a climate of fermentation and festivities that will involve political workshops and speeches, concerts and discussions with antifascist collectivities, networks and assemblies from all over Europe. We will discuss, share our experiences and organise our action at a European level with the view to send out a strong message of coordinated fight against fascism, racism and sexism.

The three-day meeting is the main event in the context of the month of antifascist action (March 21 to April 21) that will involve interventions and events in neighbourhoods, social spaces and schools throughout Greece.

Draft Programme
Friday, April 11th:
18:00 pmBeginning of the assembly“Antifascist movements in Europe: past experience, ways to move forward through international coordinated action”.
21:00 pmScreening of the film “Fascism Inc.” by Aris Hatzistefanou, introduced by Infowar team.
22:00 pmConcert

Saturday, April 12th:
12:00 – 15:00 pmWorkshops – Zone Ι:
·      Antifascist movements in Art;
·      Antifascism in football fields;
·      The developments and the current situation in Ukraine, as presented  by Ukrainian antifascists;
·      State of exception and the theory of the two extremes;
·      Schools free of fascismstudents and teachers unite against fascism;
·      Self-defence against racist and fascist violence (Seminar).

15:00 – 18:00 pmWorkshops – Zone ΙΙ:
·      Working in the Mediapresentation of the observatory against racism and fascism in the Media;
·      Resist sexism, homophobia and transphobia;
·      From Europe-fortress to concentration camps: resistance, self-organisation, common struggles;
·      Workers’ movement against fascism;
·      Beyond Europe: fortifying resistance.
18:00 pmKeynote speechesFrom France to the Ukraine, from Norway to GreeceNOPASARAN
Keynote SpeakersAlain Krivinemember of the Left against Capitalism in FranceJoeHiggins, anti-austerity alliance ISP-MPTariq Ali, author-director (video message)
Other speakersBorotba (Ukraine), Pete (Αntifa Moscow), Walter Baier (TransformEurope), Mathias Benik (Alter Summit-Hungary)
21:00 pmMain Concert

Sunday, April 12th
12:00 noonAssemblysumming-up workshop outcomes, conclusions, setting common international action.

Extras at the areas of the meeting:
·      Collective kitchens;
·      A playhouse for kids;
·      Cartoon art and photo exhibitions;
·      Theatre plays.

Music groups:
Illegal Operation feat. ALEX K. (Last Drive)
MC Yinka
Mistah Rude (18120 - Δεν Ξεχναμε)
Radio Sol
Pink Tank Project
Barbara's Straight Son
Road Duck
Tuxedo conspiracy
What the funk
Fruit Salads
Πληγωμένες Σκιές

International Participations (open):
Marks 21 (Serbia)
Αntifa Νovi Sad (Serbia)
Antifa Zagreb (Croatia)
Antifascists (Bosnia) 
Direct Action Student Union and Visual Culture Center (Ukraine)
Borotba (Ukraine)
Antifa Moscow (Russia)
Autonomous Action Moscow (Russia)
Antifascists (Bulgaria)
Anti-capitalist Action (Turkey)
Ant.Ar.T.E.S. [Anti-capitalist Revolutionary Left Group] (Cyprus)
Αntinazi-New Internationalist Left (Cyprus)
AFA [Action Antifasciste Paris-Banlieu] (France)
NPA (France)
Beyond Europe [Plan C (UK), …ums ganze (Germany), Αnti-authoritarian Movement (Greece)]
Occupacioni Precari Studenti (Italy)
ESC-Metropolitan Assembly (Italy)
Αthene Calling (Italy)
World Women’s March (France)
Communist Party (Austria)
Blockbuster (Belgium)
Irish Socialist Party-CWI (Ireland)
Linje 17 mot racism – Line 17 against racism (Sweden)
Dortmund stellt sich QuerNo tolerance to fascism (Germany)
Transform Europe (Hungary)
Anti-capitalist Left (Spain)

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